About us

Our manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas was started over 30 years ago by Dr. Carl H. Oppenheimer. Carl was passionate about discovering and using archaea microbes to cleanup, restore, and improve the environment. We have continued in his footsteps and expanded his vision. We produce concentrated blends of natural and beneficial microbes in bulk. Our products bioremediate and restore balance to unbalanced environments.

Our products are:

  • Safe, organic, and provide natural solutions.
  • Contain a versatile microbe group called Archaea, plus a special blend of other natural ingredients.
  • Concentrated and packaged as a dry powder.
  • Activated by non-chlorinated fresh, salt and/or brackish water.
  • NOT GMOs and contain NO animal products

As the manufacturer we develop new microbial products, as well as supply our microbes as an ingredient to companies who are looking to add microbes to their products. We have a bulk wholesale and private label program.



More about Dr. Carl H. Oppenheimer

Dr. Carl H. Oppenheimer is known around the world as one of the founding fathers of modern bioremediation technology. He devoted his life to the research and development of ecologically safe and sound methods of cleaning petroleum hydrocarbon pollution.

He was instrumental in the State of Texas authorizing the first open water testing of a bioremediation product in US history at the site of the Mega Borg oil spill off the coast of Texas.  From our archives