• aquazyme for oil and gas spills on water pond


    AquaZyme - for MINOR oil and fuel spills on water or soil surfaces. WHAT AquaZyme contains a highly concentrated blend of beneficial soil and water microbes packaged into an absorbent powder. ...
  • the oppenheimer formula iv for soil and water farming couple

    Oppenheimer Formula IV

    WHAT This product contains a blend of naturally occurring beneficial soil and water microbes, that are blended into a dense absorbent mineral powder.  Concentrated, safe and organic. Contains NO...
  • biozome plus a soil amendment blackberries grown with biozomeplus

    BioZomePLUS (formerly BioZome)

    BioZomePLUS BiozomePLUS is an custom soil amendment that uses a mix of soil and water micro-organisms that improve both root and soil health for bigger, more beautiful plants and larger yields. This...
  • the oppenheimer formula cl cleaning up soil

    Oppenheimer Formula - CL

    What it is The Oppenheimer Formula CL contains a highly concentrated microbe blend, packaged into a dense absorbent powder.  Our microbes are naturally occurring, highly concentrated, designed...