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    Oppenheimer Formula IV

    $170.00 - $860.00
    What it is This product contains a blend of naturally occurring beneficial microbes, that are blended into a dense absorbent mineral powder.  Concentrated, safe and organic. Contains NO GMOs or...
  • Simply put, Biozome is the world’s most powerful superfood for your plants.  With Jobe’s Organics you will see results faster. For best results, use Jobe’s Organics Granular Fertilizer at time of planting and every eight weeks throughout growing season. jobes logo


    Jobe's Family of Organics Biozome is an exclusive mix of micro-organisms that improve both root and soil health for bigger, more beautiful plants and larger yields. This unique blend of beneficial...
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    Oppenheimer Formula - CL

    What it is The Oppenheimer Formula CL contains a highly concentrated microbe blend, packaged into a dense absorbent powder.  Our microbes are naturally occurring, highly concentrated, designed...
  • a blend of organic aerobic beneficial microbes, including archaea. a blend of organic aerobic beneficial microbes, including archaea.

    Oppenheimer Formula I

    What it is. The Oppenheimer Formula I contains a highly concentrated blend of beneficial microbes, packaged into an absorbent powder. The powder allows a stable and longer shelf life. Our...