Which product to use?

Our products work well to remediate oil, fuels, pesticides, herbicides, fossil fuel hydrocarbons, and chlorinated hydrocarbons in soils and water. They can be used in a wide range of areas from restoring damaged soil / water environments to oil / gasoline spills on hard surfaces to septic systems. For a complete list of degradable chemicals and compounds click here.

The size and location of the material to be treated generally indicates which product to use. Most minor spills on soil or hard surfaces can be easily handled by BioZorb or Piranha. For deeper spills in soil effected by regular hydrocarbon spills - Piranha and The Oppenheimer Formula I. For  chlorinated hydrocarbons - The Oppenheimer Formula CL. For spills on open water including sensitive marshlands - AquaZyme and The Oppenheimer Formula I. For agricultural or home gardeners - BioZome PLUS, BioZome BOOST, and The Oppenheimer Formula IV or AquaZyme.

Minor Oil  and Gas spills on soil or hard surfaces

For use on minor spills on surfaces including concrete, rocks, soil, and asphalt. The depth of the spilled material into the surrounding soil should be no deeper than 6 inches or 15 1/4 cm. Can be used to treat gasoline, crude oils, lube oil, marine fuel, brake fluids, kerosene, heating oils, hydraulic fluids, and light cycle oil.

Recommended Products: BioZorb and Piranha*

*One of the main differences between BioZorb and Piranha is that Piranha contains micro and macro nutrients and BioZorb does not.

Oil and Gas Spills - in soil environments (deeper than 6 inches)

For use where the spill has deep surface saturation (6 inches or deeper). Applications include subsurface soils, under buildings, under railroad tracks, and stockpiled soils. Can be used to treat gasoline, crude oils, lube oil, brake fluids, kerosene, heating oils, herbicides, pesticides, hydraulic fluids, wet / dry drill MUD cuttings, and light cycle oil.

Recommended Products: BioZorb, Piranha, and Oppenheimer Formula I

Oil and Gas Spills - in water environments

For use on spills that happen on water environments. This includes fresh, salt, and brackish water. Including sensitive marshlands.

Recommended Products: AquaZyme and Oppenheimer Formula I

Chlorinated Hydrocarbons - in soil and water environments

For use in areas where the soil has been contaminated with products containing chlorinated hydrocarbons. Examples include trichloroethylene (TCE) and Perchloroethylene (PERC).

Recommended products: The Oppenheimer Formula - CL

Conditioning and Restoring - soil health

For conditioning soil and improve the general health of soil. The use of beneficial soil eating microbes that allows the root structure of plants to flourish, this resulting in better and more sturdy plants. Can also be used to remove residual herbicides and pesticides that remain in the soil.

Recommended products: BioZome