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AquaZyme - for use on oil and fuel spills on water surfaces.

What it is

Piranha contains a highly concentrated blend of beneficial organic microbes packaged into an absorbent powder.  This product is formulated for superior and rapid results on water surfaces.

How it works

AquaZyme uses oil degrading microbes to degrade and eliminate hydrocarbon spills, and the bionutrients boost the microbes into quick action to recycle. 

  • To work AquaZyme MUST come into direct contact with the spilled material.
  • Activated by water, non chlorinated fresh, salt or brackish water. 
  • Once activated by water, the microbes degrade and recycle.
  • Allows spills to be treated simply and easily in place.

What it does

Allows spills to be treated quickly, simply, and easily in place when they happen. Our special blend of microbes degrade, convert, and recycle the spilled material into non toxic byproducts.

How to use it

AquaZyme® is activated by water, fresh, salt or brackish water. For this product to work it has to come directly into contact with the material to be remediated. 

Works on

Crude oil, gasoline, herbicides, pesticides, fuels, diesel, and motor oils.


water surfaces, sensitive marshlands, grass lands.

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Additional Information

ponds, bodies of water, marshlands
Works on:
Crude oils, gasolines, herbicides, pesticides, fuel, diesel, motor oils, kerosene, heating oils, hydraulic fluids.
Application Rate:
1 lb. will treat 100 sq. ft (10×10 ft area) if applied dry / will treat 200 s. ft if applied as a slurry
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