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BiozomeBOOST is a soil amendment that uses a special mix of beneficial soil and water microbes to improve soil and plant health.This results in healthier soils and bigger, more beautiful plants and larger vegetable yields. These ancient archaea microbes improves the long-term soil quality of your garden, promotes plant growth, helps your garden resist disease, insects and drought conditions.

BioZomeBOOST regenerates soil health providing the foundation for more productive plants. Heathy soils have a much greater ability to absorb and hold water, which cuts down on evaporation and creates resilience to drought and extreme weather events.

Removes traces elements of herbicides and pesticides that remain in the the soil.

BioZomeBOOST contains our re-formulated BioZome and essential nutrients. BioZomeBOOST contains SIMPLY a blend of organic microbes plus essential nutrients in a mineral base. This reflects our return to less is more. No extra unnecessary fillers or additives. Our goal is to provide a better environment for plant roots by improving the soil.

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